Biggest Wedding Reception Mistakes to Avoid

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You might have planned everything so well, but at the reception, things can go horribly wrong very fast; especially with your guests. With time, receptions become a routine and your guests must have had enough dressing up, listening to speeches, drinking cocktails, having dinner and dancing around. Hence, they tend to look at every little detail and may notice when things look out of place. The event may bore them so you need to take extra care of all guests, to ensure they enjoy the day as much as you do. So here are some mistakes to avoid.

  1. Bad food

Let’s face it; people come to events for the food so if you mess up that one crucial part, they are going to talk about your big day for years to come, for all the wrong reasons. It is vital that you provide every food item from cocktail snack to full meal after great scrutiny. Once you boo a caterer, try out each food item carefully. Mention any changes you want to do. Keep your vegetarian friends and relatives in mind. Differentiate your buffet with veg and non-veg items adequately so that all can enjoy. You can either go for a finger food buffet or a full meal, depending on the vibe you are going for. Guests at an informal and fun setting may lie finger foods that they can enjoy while standing around, chatting with people.

  • Unassigned seating

Your reception is where people have fun and mingle so sitting in the middle of complete strangers will not make the guests comfortable. Take ample time to carefully assign the seating arrangements. It’s pointless spending heaps on the caterers, wedding florist Singapore, entertainment and everything else if the guests feel out of place and not are able to enjoy the event. Also, there could be instances where a guest finds no place to sit or someone else is already at his seat. Hence ensure that the guest sits only at the assigned table at least until dinner is over.

  • Making the guests wait

They may have arrived at the reception venue after the ceremony and the couple may take ages to get there. This is a complete turnoff, as people do not enjoy waiting around, idling. Make sure the couple arrives on time and start the proceedings of the reception. Entertain them with a few snacks and drinks if it takes too long. Or you can plan an activity such as signing a board by all guests with all their good wishes.