Sharjah of United Arab Emirates – A must visit

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When you think of traveling to United Arab Emirates the cities that pop into your head will be Adu Dhabi, Dubai and so. But, Sharjah is another city that you must visit. This city in Emirates is an absolute beauty and has won the hearts of many tourists. There are so many things to do and so much to experience. So, here’s a glimpse of what this city of Sharjah will offer.

The Blue Souk

This is the most famous shopping centre in the city of Sharjah. The architecture of this mall is what makes it so unique. It comprises of six impressive structures. The blue tiling used to decorate these structures makes it even more beautiful. The massiveness of this shopping centre is evident through the 600 + shops it has. You might want to book a hotel from all the luxury hotels in sharjah for more than a few days because you will be visiting this specific location more than once.

Arabian Wildlife Centre

This spot is very special and a must visit. It consists of animals that have been preserved. It is divided into three categories as warm blooded animals, replies and bugs. There is also a Children’s Farm where the kids can get a great experience as they allow them to pet the animals and nourish them.

Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park

This is a place that brings you the best of both worlds; plants and animals. It comprises of some unique experiences where you will be given the opportunity to learn so much about mother nature. The apiary allows you to see how nectar is made by bees. The geology hall is a great place for those interested in evolution. There’s so much more. You might want to visit it and see.

Khalid Lagoon

This is a great water body that comprises of 1.7 million square hectares of water. Unbelievable, isn’t it? The tidal pond is another reason why this specific spot is so famous. The wellspring in the centre is consider to be the third tallest in the world.

Sharjah Aquarium

Another location that has attracted many tourists is this specific aquarium. It is consists of more than 250 types of ocean creatures. The passages that includes tubes allows you to see these creatures at their inhabitation. One passage runs under the ocean itself. Clearly, this spot is a must-visit.

Sharjah is one great city in United Arab Emirates. You will be able to learn and experience so much. Our advice is to take your time and enjoy one great vacation in this remarkable city. Don’t rush in cause there are so many opportunities.