Home Décor Tips for a warmer feeling home

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Decorating a home may seem like a simple task at first glance but all the tiny details adding up together can get a bit overwhelming. The following tips may help ease the decorating process of your home to make it feeling warmer (not only temperature-wise) and cozy.

Lights: get warm yellow lighting as opposed to bright white colors which may not be the easiest on the eyes. The warm yellow color sets a warm feeling to the house and is so much easier on the eyes. You will be feeling relaxed and at comfort with this type of lighting.

Paint: the color on your walls are equally as important as the lights. In fact, the lighting and the color of the walls go hand in hand. The colors of the walls are reflected by the color of the lights and essentially enhancing the color of the walls. In countries like Singapore where there are many small apartment complexes, home painting services singapore paint wash the walls in such a way to enhance the lighting and make the spaces look larger.

Carpets: nice fuzzy carpets are a must-have to make a home feel warm. Any cozy carpet placed in the living area adds a touch of warmth and elegance to your household.

Paintings: try to include a small variety of paintings that are bot too busy but simple. A few paintings placed around the household has a beautiful feel to the house.

Furniture: get a few unique pieces of furniture as opposed to a clutter of generic furniture. Place them around the house at appropriate places.

A touch of personality: your home is a piece of you and your personality is reflected in your home decor. If you are a soft and gentle person, you are most likely to choose softer colors and flowers with soft lighting, but if you are a toughie then you prefer darker colors with darker lighting. When a person is in your home, they can get a sense of the type of person you are to some extent. So when decorating your home, try to be true to who you are and add a few of your personal touches to the house, for example: a chandelier, a few candles, a few books, your favorite paint8ings, furniture, antics etc.

Decorating your home should not be something neglected, it is what makes a home feel like a home. Together with all the furniture, lighting, paint and personal touches, your home will start to feel like home: a place to relax and unwind.