Selling Your Property? Make sure you do an inspection beforehand

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The real estate market is good in Australia as the demand for more houses and apartments continue to increase. If you own a property it will be tempting to sell it for a juicy profit. However, before you decide to sell it you need to make sure that the property does not have any issues. These issues could hamper your selling price or even deter buyers from making the purchase. You would be eager to make the sale but here is why doing an inspection before putting it on the market is a good idea.

Competitive Advantage

In the real estate market your property would be competing with others. Buyers would have choices so if they find any fault they are just going to jump onto the next one. These inspections not only allow you to see if there are any problems to fix but could also give you an idea of what else to add in order to increase the value. Add-ons are a smart way to entice buyers as they could see the property has a lot of flexibility.

Quick Sale

Once you put the property for sale you want to make sure that it sells quickly. You will have eager buyers who don’t want to see any problems with what they are buying. If they know they have to do extra repairs then they won’t think it’s worth it. Luckily you could have building inspection east fremantle done on your property in order quell any doubts the buyers would have. Even if they like the house and want to buy it they would force you to fix the problems so you might as well get this done before putting it for sale.


Once you get the report and know what to fix, you are able to fix these issues and not have to deal with any delays when selling it. If it is costly then you could still just fix it and recuperate the money when you sell the property. Remember when you fix something you are most likely adding something new or upgrading it so this can allow you to increase the value.

Good Portfolio

If you own many properties it would be a good idea to maintain a reputation of having quality properties at your disposal. This makes it a lot easier for real estate agents to sell and even when you choose to sell it on your own. Word of mouth can be powerful especially if you own property in the same neighbourhood. So having a good record can gain the trust of potential buyers.

Don’t let any issues that come up in the last minute affect your sale. Getting these inspections done is the best way to avoid any of these problems. People don’t want a broken property for sale, they want to buy one that can make them more comfortable.