Starting handy with your floor

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Dreaming of a perfect house with perfect interior and exterior – we all do that. May it be the roofing, lighting, furniture, landscaping or even the flooring, we want nothing less than the supreme quality and the classiness, but at an affordable rate. This is where the confusion comes in, because classiness comes with a price. If you are someone in this conundrum, we urge you to read this on, especially if you are serious about classy flooring, and you think you should have a considerable concern on the flooring.

When it comes to the topic of flooring, carpeting is the biggest hassle. You may be dreaming of a wooden classy floor, but believe us, carpeting is still equally important. If you want to stay updated about the latest carpet trends, browsing internet with rug Singapore trends is all what you need, and you’ll be amazed to know some carpet trends that you never knew were existing.

Here are some carpet trends that took hearts back in the last years;

The waterproofed

This stole the spotlight as a revolutionary invention by the flooring experts recently. They showed these as the best option for busy families, especially if they have kids or pets with them. However, these were not fully water proofed, but sooner, they will come in to being.

The eco friendly

Going green is the new trend now- globally. This focus on sustainability and eco friendliness has given birth for many inventions even in housing, starting from roofing to flooring. So here we go with environmentally responsible carpets, where they are made out of recycled materials. This is because the house owners, nowadays, pay a bigger concern on the utilities that supports their carbon footprint. Guess what, some carpets we find out there can recycle their own selves when needed.

Multiple textured

Gone are the days where the carpets had to have one solid color. Now we have two or more color textures carpets creating a stronger uniqueness. This looks fun and interesting too.

Back to 70’s

Shag carpets were the ones trending back in 1970’s. Who said it’s old and gone? Here they are back in 2019. Shag rags are now contemporary with the look and feel.

DIY supported

Carpeting is a hassle if you are a DIY home owner. This is mainly because most carpets carry hard installation procedures that scare the home owners. Earlier carpet tiles, which are considered to be highly DIY friendly were just used in office premises, but now they are quite used in homes as well. You don’t have to worry much on the maintenance of these, and it’s quite cool.