The living room NO-NOs!

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When you enter into a meticulously planned, properly organized and designed living room you find it to be a masterpiece. However, you won’t get the same feeling when you enter to a living room just ‘put together’. You don’t want your space to be the latter. That is why we recommend you to do your research before putting pieces together in your living room. Trying to replicate another living room wont help you at all. When designing an interior space you need to study the little details, avoid certain mistakes and plan it out in such a way that it matches the rest of your home and your preference. To help you understand the massive mistakes that many do and that you should definitely avoid, we have put together this article.

Poor planning

The biggest crime that many commit when designing the interior of a living room is planning very poorly. Many homeowners tend to just put the pieces into places that they find to be easy. This is something you should avoid. Properly planning your layout will help achieve that dream living room look that you always wanted. Take into consideration every tiny detail, how to put the sofa in a place where you can have conversations face to face, how to organize the home lighting singapore in such a way that it is not too bright nor too gloomy, where to put the TV so that it doesn’t take up the whole living room or so. Meticulous planning can go a long way if done right.

Limiting to one style

Another mistake that people tend to do is limit the whole space to one specific style. It can either be a blast from the 80s or 90s, a total black and white theme or so. Trying to avoid this and mixing styles can actually make a great statement. For example; if you are planning to go totally modern try to add some antique pieces like a rustic coffee table or an antique looking floor lamp or so. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge element but small details from different themes and styles would do. 

Art crimes

This other mistake that people tend to do can violate the whole living room interior decor concept. Hanging random arts or photos at random places can ruin the whole picture. You need to be very careful about what you are hoping to display and following a simple plan or a layout will help the arts to go hand in hand.

The above mentioned mistakes that many tend to do can turn a lovely living room to a huge mess. Try to avoid them and your living room space might turn out to be one beautiful picture.