Things To Know Before You Renovate Your Bathroom

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We already know that the bathroom is just a small room in the whole house, but it still requires to be renovated. Despite its size, this won’t be an easy job and most definitely not something you can just pass on. In cases where you invite you guests, there is a likelihood that they will need to go to the bathroom.

Now you don’t want their experience to be a disaster, do you? There are things you might need to remove in your bathroom, but sometimes you will want to add something. So you need to know everything about that before renovating your bathroom.

Never put the toilet in the back of the door

I think this is already a given to you and everything who is planning to improve their bathroom. Just imagine having a friend over and you forgot to close the door. Surely it’s not a pleasing sight of seeing the toilet the moment the door opens up to them, especially when they’re doing something that really needs some hygiene, like eating. This is already common sense and self-explanatory so there’s no need to take this further. Just make sure that at the back of your bathroom door lies what we hope to be not the toilet.

Don’t spend too much

Sometimes, or most of the time, homeowners will design their bathroom in a way that they spend too much on it. This can be because one, they got carried away, or two, they can’t find any services that gives them a cheap price for the repairs and renovation they need.

Speaking of which, you can get services such as shower base repairs Melbourne at the lowest price without having to look for other providers any further! It is important to limit your bathroom renovating budget. After all, you never know what might happen to you, so keep some cash in you for every moment of your life.


The light fixtures will definitely affect the bathroom, or any part of your house at that. It brightens and changes the atmosphere of the room so you can adjust the light to what you like to see at your bathroom. Some people use the bathroom for fixing themselves and if you’re one of them, you might want to consider improving the lighting to suit your needs.


There are several “things” that goes down the drain of your bathroom. So installing the perfect plumbing will definitely help with reducing the frequency of clogging. The typical size of residential pipes is 1 ½ inch but if you, and I mean you are the only one that knows this. If you know that there will be a lot going down that drain of yours, make sure you upgrade the pipes into 2-inch ones.