To Build or Not to Build a Basement

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 Most wine collectors and a large number of homeowners fantasize in owning a classic space for storage of their exquisite or simple collections. The feature of a refrigerated cellar within a premise not only improves property value but provides an avenue to display unique vials of fermented or distilled nature.

In progressing with completing the task of owning a cellar a few considerations are detailed to provide insight.

Usage – The initial step is to consider the actual reason other than the factor of increasing property value for sale purposes. Is the space required purely for wine or displaying? If the area is planned for storage, options of traditional wood racking with pine and affordable wood types are considered logical options. In the case of the need for a unique display, progressing with a budget is advised.

The wine fridge singapore and other similar cities is a unique feature to large number of residences with professional manufacturers and service providers capable of completing custom structures within a uniquely growing community. Planning on the requirement through researching ideas and reviewing is considered a positive avenue with information freely available online currently in narrowing down on the most suited option.

Critical Considerations – Insulation, Vapor or Moisture Barrier & Airtight Seal are considered critical areas in creating ideal climate controlled storage. If the plan is finalized as DIY, the criticalities detailed can be dealt with material consisting of higher R value (above 30) for insulation and polythene sheeting with a minimum 6 mm thickness for moisture barrier in creating an air tight seal to maintain optimum conditions.

Including a glass wall or door creates poor insulation which requires calculation of the thermal load in order to install the most suited refrigeration unit. Thermal load calculations can be completed with usage of professional services available locally in general.


With price and performance directly correlated, through the wall type units are considered the easiest to install whilst being cost effective. The downside being the noise also requires a hole in the wall for the unit to be installed with sufficient space on for ventilation. Split refrigeration, ducted systems are regular choices for a considerable number of individuals who prefer to maintain a standard cellar unit with pricing on the higher side to consider.

Space being a general concern for many, considering unique racks widely available can ensure optimum usage of space, from individual bottles to diamond bin styled and case storage systems among additional aspects to consider.

Proud cellar owners advise on initially progressing with an information gathering phase, budgeting and discussions with reputed custom manufacturers in understanding the most suitable avenue to pursue the goal of owning a special space for your collection of unique beverages.