When to hire a professional painter

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Most of us including businesses do the common mistake of associating cost only in monetary terms, especially when doing something on your own as opposing to hiring a professional to do it on behalf of you or for you.

Have you ever stopped to think how much work would have got done at the office if you did not insist to deliver that order in person, think of all that time you were stuck in traffic coz you thought it is only a 10 minute drive away from your usual route. What about all the work that is held up until you get to office?

It is great that you are independent and confidant enough to take on a lot but what if comes at a very high price not only to your business but on you, your health and your general well-being?

Painting is not something that is required often, it is more of an expense that comes annually so why try to cut corners? Yes it is a considerable cost to paint an entire premises but a well-kept office is also important to ensure your customers that they are in business with a reliable and profession partner and a shabby office is not the way to go about it.

Here is why you need a professional for the job;

  • He knows what he is doing:From preliminaries such as what color and finish of paint to use up until the after care of the paint job is taken care for you. He comes with the exact tools and accessories that is needed for the job, meaning he will be in and out with the least possible disruption to your usual day.
  • One of the greatest pluses to getting a professional for the job is that the before and after will be as clean and neat as the job itself. One of the biggest downs to doing a tedious job as painting on your own is that once the actual job is done you lose interest and drag on the cleanup process.

Food for thought;


  • Unless you are a well-established organization that does not have to have an ‘’on hands’’ approach to managing your cash in’s and outs, a painting job is a rather large commitment. Commercial painting services north shore is a community that has many professional painters who are dedicated to helping home grown businesses to keep their heads above water and do not demand outrageousfigures for a simple paint job.


  • If you are on a really tight budget and have an urgent job to be completed you can always opt for a younger professional upon references from his previous jobs.